The rules are very simple.

First you must start of with a founder (female or male). Move them on to a plot of land. This part is optional; you can start out with a cheap house or a regular house. You may use cheats to build your house (or buy one), like I did. You can pretend the house was a gift or something like that.

Second of all, you adopt a babyNOT a toddler or child. You can adopt up to five children, but you must have a minimum of two.

Your sim is allowed to have it’s own child, but only one. It’s your choice. This child would not be allowed to be the heir. Only the adopted ones.

15 generations should be the minimum amount to go through, but you can go higher.

Your sim can marry. But there must be atleast one generation where your sim doesn’t marry and takes care of the children themselves.

Have a photo be taken or painted of your heirs (and the founder). If you have ambitions you can do a sculpture.

The rest is up to you.

Feel free to comment down below with a link to  your own adoptacy if you decide to make one. ^^






25 Responses to “Rules”


    Thanks for the list of rules. The above is a link to my legacy on the forum and will be posting pictures when I get a chance.


  2. sounds fun i loves Sims i need a new challenge

  3. I’m really liking your challenge so far! ^-^
    Maybe I’ll try one too…

  4. I’ll be definitely giving this a shot. I’ll post a link eventually xP

    Amazing idea. You’re genius!

  5. Wow, gotta try this! Thanks, I haven’t played TS3 for a long while, because I had no inspiration and my 100 baby legacy messed up and stuff… But now I’m back and I’m gonna try this out 😀

  6. Hi I my name is wittylady and I am building a sims 3 fan website called I would like to include your challenge, which I liked. Please take a look at the site and let me know if you agree, by emailing Thanks very much xxx

  7. I will be giving this a try, sounds like fun.

  8. I’ll give this a try.

  9. I will start right away :3

  10. I’m gonna try ^-^

  11. Starting it today! 🙂

  12. Started to day! Love this so far

  13. I just started the challenge yesterday (but, didn’t officially start until today..If that makes sense..:S). Really fun so far! 😀 I just adopted the first baby today. Woop woop! (No, you don’t have to look at it if you don’t wanna. 🙂 )

  14. I like this idea! since I was adopted I of course feel adoptees should be treated equal. definitely gonna try this!

  15. I would like to ask do you adopt 2-5 children per generation or 2-5 children throughout the whole challenge?

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