Adoptacy on Tumblr

Sorry guys for not updating in a looong time.

The thing is, I know exactly what I want to do. But ever since my computer went loco a month ago it hasn’t been acting the same since and my game crashes all the time, my computer freezes or it shuts down on its own whenever I go on. Though sometimes I have enough time to do one project like take a photo for a comp or edit a sim, but I don’t have time to edit more than one set and take pictures for a chapter. Until I get a new computer (my dad is working on it) I won’t be able to work on new chapters.

But . . in replace of that . . I’ve started a tumblr for Adoptacy. And I’m starting all the way from the beginning. I’ll be posting each of the chapters tumblr style (one picture for one paragraph/scene, you know) and this is the time for new readers to begin to reading or for you old readers you can go back and relive it from the beginning. I would appreciate if you guys take the time to check it out and perhaps follow? Thank you so much everyone! ❤

Click here to check it out!


~ by Dana on January 27, 2013.

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