Ch.8 Road Trip Pt. 3

The three days at Starlight Shores passed by quickly. Kristan and I had a great time there; we went to several performances by rising stars, checked out a few famous bars, and also went to dance clubs. Like I said, lots of fun. Our next top was probably my favorite, Sunlit Tides. I don’t really consider this part of the Road Trip, since it required us to get on a plane, but who cares?

Honestly, Sunlit Tides was gorgeous (not as gorgeous as my wife, of course.) From the volcano to the sunsets, it was true paradise. Kristan and I planned to make the most of it.

“Kristan!” I called.

“Hmm? What? I’m trying to relax!”

“Oh come on, Kristan! Come into the water with me!” I pleaded.

I ran over to Kristan and trapped her in my embrace. “Don’t make me . . . tickle you!”

Kristan bursted into a fit of laughter as I tickled her. “Sto-ahahaha, Ja-ahaha! Stop -ahaha, please! Ahahahaha!”

“Only if you go into the water with me.” I smiled as I continued tickling her.

“No-ahaha!! Okay, ahaha fine ahaha! Just ahaha stop!” She begged.

I stopped tickling and looked down at her as she catched her breath. The ends of my mouth lifted up.

Suspicion creeped into Kristan’s face. “What are you thinking, Jackson? . . No no no! Please don’t tickle me again!”

“Oh I got a better idea . .”

Before Kristan could say no more, I lifted her up into my arms and onto my back. She wrapped her legs and arms around me to keep balance.

“Now this isn’t too bad.”

“Oh, you better not be planning to throw me into the water mister.” Kristan scolded.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” I laughed.

When we made it into the water, I let Kristan slide off my back. But I didn’t let her go, I kissed her passionately on the mouth with her wrapped in my arms. I felt Kristan smile as she kissed me back.

“I love you.” Kristan said when we let go for air.

“And I love you more.” Oh god how true that is.


Overall, Sunlit Tides was amazing; we went to Spa’s (Kristan’s idea), drank at tropical bars located around the island, swam in Coral Reefs, and you know what else . .

One day, as Kristan and I were walking along the shore of the beach. Kristan started to say that she felt kind of nauseous. I suggested for us to go back to our little beach shack that we rented. But before we could take another step, Kristan leaned down and threw up right on the sand.

I rushed to her side and pulled her hair back from her mouth. “Oh, Kristan.”

Afterwards, I took her straight to the island’s doctor. I was worried that she had caught some local flu or something. But the news was completely different.

Kristan was pregnant.


~ by Dana on October 9, 2012.

6 Responses to “Ch.8 Road Trip Pt. 3”

  1. :O so much for an adoptacy xD. Haha, their kid will be pretty darn gorgeous, tho, for sure.

  2. ugh How dare you leave me with a cliff hanger, now I’ll actually have to check my e-mail for news on the next chapter.

  3. You should probably post a new chapter soon. Before I end up going crazy:)

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