Adoptacy Quiz Contest

So you guys all voted yes for the Quiz Contest so here it is! I have 10 questions for all of you to answer. You must answer them all and email them here; The first few who get all the questions right win, the prize will be available to only those who win – so good luck! (you may read back to older chapters for the answers!)

You must include this in your email:

Your Name:

Username on the officials (if you have an account there):

Answer to the Questions (please number them):

Please title the subject title: Adoptacy Quiz [Your Name]


1. How old was Roxy when she first moved out to Sunset Valley?

2. How many tattoos does Roxy have in total?

3. How many children did Roxy adopt? (list their names)

4. What is Piper’s foster mom’s name?

5. What was the name of Noelle’s crush in highschool?

6. What did Reese do to give payback for Noelle tricking him into thinking Lizzy was going to date him?

7. What is the name of Jackson’s toy?

8. Where did the family move to and why did they move?

9. What color is Kristan’s eyes?

10. What is the family’s last name?




~ by Dana on April 22, 2012.

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