Ch.4 Love

     Ever since Kirsten blew me off I’ve been a mess trying to talk to her and see what went wrong. But she kept avoiding me, we only have two classes together but she would always come into class last-minute so she could avoid talking to me.

     When I would see her in the hallways I would call her name but she would continue on as if she hadn’t heard me. And if I tried to catch up to her she would head straight into the girl’s bathroom.

“Hey Tiffany, have you talked to Kristan lately?” I asked Tiffany yesterday, hoping that she could help.

“Nope, why?”

I sighed. “We got into a fight a few days ago and I don’t what I did to make her mad. So I was kinda hoping you could talk to her for me to find out?”

Tiffany rolled her eyes. “I think you would be better off without Kristan. She’s just a big drama queen and she will only cause you more pain.”

“I don’t know . . .”

“Look, Jackson, just ignore her. She’s not worth your attention.”

“I guess you’re right then.”

I never would’ve guessed Kristan to be a drama queen. She’s seems so nice though, and smart and beautiful. And her startling fire-red hair . . .

Tiffany interrupted my train of thoughts. “Of course I am! And anyways Prom is this Saturday anyways, so you better get ready for the night of our lives!”


“Well I have to get going, Jackson, and don’t forget to rent a limo!” Tiffany reminded me and kissed me on the cheek.

“I won’t.” I promised and watched the back of Tiffany’s head as she bounced down the hallway to her next class. As soon as she was out of sight I wiped off her lip gloss off of my cheek with the back of my hand.


Four days before Prom


     My grandfather’s death came as a surprise to all of us. We got a phone call from the General informing us that there was an unexpected bombing at their soldier’s camp site. Very few survived the attack – including our grandfather.

     I don’t know to tell you about my grandmother but I remember when she picked up the phone, the next thing I heard was the sound of the phone dropping onto the floor and a piercing scream.


      We had a small funeral in the backyard; consisting of just our family. My dad’s siblings weren’t able to make it because the flight tickets where to high, but they promised they would call.  

     Nina and I barely knew Grandpa because he only came home twice a year, but he was a great man and I could tell how much Grandma loved him. I didn’t know what to say when it was my turn to step up and say something about Grandpa, but I knew how much it meant to Grandma.

    When it was my turn I only said what came to my heart;

“Grandpa, we will all miss you. You may be gone from this world, but you are still in all of our hearts; you can’t leave us that easily.” I smiled and walked back to stand next to Mom.

     My speech brought tears to Grandma’s eyes and she bursted into another round of sobs. Mom smiled at me fondly, and placed a hand on my shoulder. And the rest of the day we spent with silence; mourning Grandpa’s passing.

     When things finally calmed down that day, I decided that I need to talk to Grandma for advice about Kristan.

 “Grandma?” I asked quietly as I walked into her room. I spotted her lying on her bed, at least she wasn’t crying anymore.


“Grandma? Are you okay?”

Grandma sniffled. “I’m fine, honey.”

“Grandma, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but, I need some advice.”

“Advice from me? What is it exactly?”

“I need some advice about love.” I said shyly, I wasn’t used to saying that word; it felt so foreign on my tongue.

Grandma sighed. “Go sit down over there on my couch, and I’ll tell you everything I can of what I know about love.”

     I sat down on the beige couch nearby. Grandma slowly lifted herself and came over to join me.

“So, there is this girl at school that I like. And I thought we were getting along fine but one day she yelled at me to go away. I don’t know what I did wrong, Grandma.”

“Hmm, is there another girl involved?”

“Actually, yes, Tiffany. I’m going to Prom with her.”

“There is your problem, this Tiffany must’ve done something to your crush to scare her off, I’m guessing.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Honey, girls get jealous of each other all the time.”


    Why would Tiffany do something like that? That bitch. She is going to pay for it. I should’ve known what kind of girl Tiffany really was.

“What should I do then? Confront Tiffany?”

Grandma smiled. “I say ditch her on Prom night and go find your crush.”

I smiled back. “Thanks Grandma.”

“No problem, hun.”

“Oh, and Grandma?”


“How do you know if you love someone?”

Grandma closed her eyes and put her hand over her heart. “You just know.”


~ by Dana on April 5, 2012.

3 Responses to “Ch.4 Love”

  1. Beautiful! Can’t wait for the next update! ^^

    • Thanks for reading! I’ll be working on the pictures – hopefully- this weekend. I have exams this month so I’ll be short on time! (:

      • I understand completely! I’ve been busy myself.

        No rush! Take your time! ^^

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