Ch.1 The Perfect Prom Date

Author’s Note: I’m sorry I took so long to update. But now it’s here, and I hope you enjoy the first chapter to the third generation! ❤

“What’s up, Jackson?” Robert greeted me while I was getting my notebook for next period. Robert is my best friend, a brother from another mother you could say. We met just when sophomore year began and ever since we’ve been the best of friends.

“Nothing much, just getting a notebook for English class.” I replied.

“Aw man, English sucks. You sure you don’t want to skip next period?”

“I don’t do that kind of stuff dude, you know.” I reminded him. Robert may be the coolest guy on the planet, but he can get a little rebellious at times.

Robert nodded and glanced around before continuing. “Have you gotten a date for Prom yet?” He asked.

“Prom? No, I actually kinda forgot about it.” I admitted.

“What?! Dude, don’t tell me you’re not going to go?!” Robert exclaimed.

“No no, I am going to go. It’s just, I don’t any girls that I want to go with yet.”

“Dude, Jackson. Almost all the girls in this school would die to go out with you. I’m not sure if you haven’t noticed, but you’re the most popular guy in this school.”

“Woah, really?”

Robert nodded.

“I even bet Tiffany would go to Prom with you.”

“Yeah, Tiffany is pretty hot.” I smiled.

“What about that new girl? She’s looks pretty cute.” I added and checked out her out.

Yesterday, a new girl transferred to Appaloosa  High School. I haven’t met her yet, but I heard she has a few classes with me today. I couldn’t get close enough to see her face, but from here, she looked gorgeous. I couldn’t understand why everyone avoided her, she looked perfectly normal to me.

“I think  Tiffany would be better for you.”

“You sure?” I said, a little bit surprised that Robert wasn’t a big fan of the new girl aswell.

“Definitely. And look, David is already hitting her up anyways.”

I sighed. “OK fine, I guess I’ll go with Tiffany then.”

“Great! You might as well ask her now, cuz’ shes coming over here right now.”

I watched as Tiffany and her clingy friend walked over to where Robert and I were standing. Tiffany is hot, no one can deny that, but to me, there is no originality to her looks. She was too . . . expected.

“Hey Jackson!” Tiffany smiled. Her friend stayed silent and watched Tiffany as she started talking to me.

“Hey, Tiffany.” I looked at Robert for a brief second, he nodded encouragingly and motioned his head towards Tiffany.

“So . .” We both started to say at the same time and then stopped. 

Tiffany giggled. “How about you go first.”

I laughed, “no, you go.”

“OK, so I was wondering, have you gotten a date to the Prom yet?” Tiffany asked.

“No, I haven’t actually.”

Tiffany smiled. “Yay, that’s great! Oh, what I meant to say was, do you want to go the Prom with me?

“Yes, sure. I was actually going to ask you.” I said.

“Oh really? Well, I should get to class. See you later?”


Tiffany grinned once more at me and turned around and headed inside her classroom. Her friend quickly followed her lead.

“Dude! You just got a date with Tiffany! Sweeeet!”

“Yeah I did. Now we have to get you a date for the Prom.”  I said, trying to get the subject off of me and Tiffany.

Nah, don’t worry about me, dude. I might ask Emily.”

I was about to ask Robert who Emily was, when I saw the new girl walk by me, followed by David’s angered voice. The new girl smiled slightly when she saw me looking and then continued on to her next class.

I smiled back, even when she was already long gone.


~ by Dana on January 8, 2012.

4 Responses to “Ch.1 The Perfect Prom Date”

  1. …and he’s back! Yay! Tell Jackson I think he’s hot ❤

  2. Very cute chapter! Both girls seem cool! 😀

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