Generation Three Heir Vote *CLOSED*

It’s time to start voting for the third generation heir!

Who will it be; Jackson or Nina?

Name: Jackson Chance

Current Age: Teen

Traits: Flirty, Hot-Headed, Party Animal, Athletic

Name: Nina Chance

Current Age: Child

Traits: Brave, Family-Oriented, Equestrian


Jackson: 14

Nina: 13


~ by Dana on November 16, 2011.

9 Responses to “Generation Three Heir Vote *CLOSED*”

  1. Nina is just so pretty ❤ Of course Jackson is also a very handsome young man ❤ XD

  2. *insert team jackson banner here*
    he better get himself some loving … teehee

  3. I accidentally voted for Nina before even reading any of the chapters (I know, I’m an idiot). Can you change my vote to Jackson! I really want him to be the heir! 😀

    • lol, I dont know if I can change it. But in the end, I’ll just pretend that there is one extra vote for Jackson and I’ll subtract one from Nina ^-^

  4. Jackson!

  5. Oops just realized it was closed. Disregard. 😛

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