Ch.12 I Hate You

    A few days turned into a few months which turned into a few years. Before my eyes Jackson transformed into a dashing young man. With Ruffus right behind him.

    You know the saying; “A man’s best friend is his dog”? Well that is absolutely true. Ever since we adopted Ruffus, Jackson was quick to steal its heart.

* * *

Jackson’s POV

      I lazily got out of bed and stumbled over to my drawer to change out of my pajamas. It was Saturday and I didn’t have any plans for the day except to hang out with Ruffus and play some fetch.

    “Jack!!” Nina calls and she hopps into my room.

    “What is it Nina?” I ask before I noticed what was wrapped around her arms.

    “Wait . . is that Boinkers?”

    “Well . . . yeah it is.”


    “Umm I-I was just p-playing with him!” She explains.


    “I-I was going to ask you . . but you were sleeping. And I was really bored. You don’t play with it anymore anyways.”

    “PUT.IT.DOWN!!” I command, once more.

   Nina was getting on my nerves, she never leaves me alone. First she asks if she can borrow my clothes so she could cut them up for her dolls. And now she takes  my childhood toy without even asking?

    “FINE! I HATE YOU!” She yells back at me and puts Boinkers on the floor.

    “AND I WISH YOU WEREN’T MY BROTHER!” She adds and then runs out of the room.

    “UGH!” I grunt.

“MOOOOM!!” Nina cries from her room.

(Please ignore the clothing change, lol xP)

    Mom quickly rushes into Nina’s room.

    “What’s wrong, my baby?” Mom asks.

    “Mom! Jackson yelled at me.” Nina sobs. Mom walks over and pulls Nina in for a hug.

   “Why would he do that?”

   “B-beacuse he hates! And I borrowed Boinkers. I just wanted to have a tea party!” Nina says.

   “Nina, don’t worry, he probably didn’t mean to yell at you. I’ll go talk to him, for you, okay?”

   “Yes, mommy.”

   “Good, you know how boys are; they are very possessive over their stuff.”



“Can I talk to you for second?”

“Mhmm, sure.”

“Why did you yell at your sister?”

“I don’t know.” I mumble.

   “I know you know, Jackson. Please just tell me.”

   “Why does matter? Nina took Boinkers without telling me, and that’s that.” I growl.

    “Yes exactly; “why does it matter”, Jackson? Nina adores you and she only wanted to play with Boinkers, she would never try to damage it.”

   “Besides, Boinkers just sits in the corner of your room all day. Why do you care if Nina plays with it?” Mom adds.

   “Because she-” I sigh, giving in. “I guess you’re right, Mom. I’m so stupid for yelling at Nina. I’m going to go apologize.”

   “Oh, and Jackson?”

   “Yes, Mom?”

   “You’re still getting grounded for a week.”

   I roll my eyes. “Yeah, I know.”


   I knew Nina wasn’t going to talk to me, so I thought of a full-poof plan.

   “Nina? Can I come in?” I ask gently.

   “NO! Go away!”

   “Can Boinkers, come in?” I ask again.

   “Ok . . fine.”

   “Hello Nina!” I said with a childlike voice.

   “Hi Boinkers . .”

   “Why so sad, Nina?”

   “Jackson is being a meanie-butt to me again! I’m never going to talk to him again!” She says.

   “Why would he do such a thing?!”

   “Because he hates me!”

    “Is that so?”


   “Weeeeell, just a few minutes ago. Jackson was telling me how sorry he was for yelling at you, and how he would do anything to tell you how much he loves his only sister.”


   “Yes, it’s true, Nina.” I said, dropping the voice.

   “Oh Jackson!!” Nina smiles and wraps her arms around me.

    I drop Boinkers and hugged Nina back.

   “I love you, sis. Don’t you ever think I hate you.”

   “I promise!” She laughs.

   “I really am sorry for yelling at you, Nina.” I apologize.

   “Don’t worry, I forgive you!”

   “I finally realized how stupid I was, so I decided I’m going to let you keep Boinkers.”


   “Yup, I definitely don’t need him anymore. He’s all yours!”

   “Oh thank you so so so so much. I promise I won’t make Boinkers lonely, you can trust me to take care of him!”

   I smile. “I know you will.”


~ by Dana on November 12, 2011.

5 Responses to “Ch.12 I Hate You”

  1. Yay!
    I just read all the chapters without any break. 😀
    The end of this chapter sort of reminded me of Toy Story 3 in a way. Lol. Which is a good thing.
    Really great adoptacy! I enjoyed it a lot and I can’t wait for the next generation. 😀

  2. So sweet, Jackson is a good kid for apologizing to her sister. I love how you showed the age transition with Ruffus going from puppy to grown dog. Very clever!

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