Ch.11 Ruff Ruff

     After a few hours of driving non-stop (except for a few bathroom breaks) we finally arrived in Appaloosa-Plains. The town was beautiful to say the least.

    Our new home was huge, and made out of bricks and stones in the late 50’s. It had some renovations since then, but it was still gorgeous.

      “Woah, Mom! Is that our house??!” Jackson asked as we parked in the driveway of the house.

      “Yes it is, go ahead and check it out.” I smiled and pointed toward the doors of the house.

       “Sweet!!” Jackson exclaims as he runs into his new room.

     “Boinkers! Check out this awesome room! And guess what?!” Jackson tells Boinkers and pauses to wait for an answer, “It’s ours!”

     While Jackson and Nina were getting aqquanted with their new rooms, I brewed some coffee.

“I’m so glad Jackson likes the new house.” I tell Reese.

“Me too, I was worried he would hate it.”

     “I don’t don’t know anyone who hate this house. It’s beautiful!” Roxy says as she joins Reese and I for some coffee.

      “I think Jackson, will get along fine here, he’s very outgoing if you haven’t noticed.” Roxy adds.

    “Yes I have noticed. I also noticed that most of those ‘friends’, are girls.” I laugh.

    “I’m just worried that Jackson might not like his new school. Or maybe might not want to make new friends. He had a lot of friends back in Sunset Valley; I bet he misses them.” I explain.

    “You know, when I was a child I had a pet cat. I would always play with her when I was either lonely or bored. Maybe you should get one for Jackson.”

     “That’s a great idea, Mom. But I think Jackson would prefer a dog.” Reese says.

“I agree; Nina and I will go out tomorrow, while Jackson is at school, to buy a puppy.”

     “Sounds good.” Roxy nods.

      The next morning I cook up some waffles for Jackson.

     “Mom, these waffles are burnt, do you expect me to eat this?!” Jackson complains.

      “Unless you want to starve on your first day of school, then don’t eat them.”

       “Fine, but tomorrow I’ll have cereal instead.”

    “Ok Nina, ready for some breakfast?”

     “Yes!” Nina giggles.

     “Here you go, sweetie. It’s banana flavored.”


    “See ya later, Mom!” Jackson says as rushes to the door; eager to go to school.

    “Have a great first day of school!” I call as he passes by.

     “Yeah, yeah.”

     I dress Nina up into her dress and I stop to say goodbye to Reese.”

     “We’re going to pick out a puppy for Jackson now. Would you like to come?”

     “No, I can’t. I have a meeting with my new boss today.”

     “That’s great, honey. I’ll see you later then.” I smile and kiss him on the cheek.

      I buckled up Nina in the backseat and drove down to our first destination. After five minutes we arrived at the seller’s home.

       I greeted the owner at the door and he invited me inside.

     He lead us into the room that held the puppies.

    “Feel free to pet them.  $200 for the males and $250 for the girls.”

    “Thank you.”

     He leaves the room to let us think.

    “What do you think of the puppies?” I ask Nina.

    “I don’t wike dem, Mommy.”

    “Are you sure?” I ask her.


    “OK then.” I sigh.

    After a few more houses, we were at the last one left on the map.

    “Hello, I came here for the ad that said you sold puppies?”

    “Yes indeed, Mam’. You’ve come to the right place.”

    We walked into his small living room, and noticed the cute little batch of puppies right away. They started barking like mad as soon as they spotted us.

     *Ruff ruff!!*

      “How about this one?” I pointed to the puppy that was at the front of the pack.


    “Yes! Dat one! Dat one!” She exclaims.

    “Sir? We would like that one.” I sigh with relief and smile at Nina.

    I sign the adoption papers and took the puppy with us home. The puppy is an energetic thing, it kept barking the whole entire way home, and it wouldn’t stay still in its seat.

    “What should we name it, Nina?”

     “PUPPY!” Nina laughs and reaches out to pick it up.

     “I think we should let Jackson name it instead.” I decide.

     Soon enough, Jackson’s school bus arrived.

     “Mom! I’m hooome.” Jackson yells as walks inside.

     “Over here honey, I have a surprise for you!” I call back.

     “What is it?” He asks as he walks over to where I was.

      I smile as he notices the little puppy on the floor.

     “A puppy!! Mom is that for me!??!” He screams as rushes over to pick it up.

     “Yes, it is. We were waiting for you; so you could name it.”

     “Woah, its so awesome! You rock little dude. It is a guy right?”

      I nod. And it barks.

     “I know what to name it; Ruffus!” Jackson decides.

    “That’s a great name honey.”

     “Thanks so so so much Mom. I love it, I’m going to teach Ruffus do all sorts of tricks; like doing my homework!” He says and holds Ruffus close to him.

     “Now remember Jackson; it’s not all yours, you going to have to let Nina play with him too. OK?”

     “Of course, Mom!”

    Ruffus barks again, and licks Jackson’s chin. Jackson laughs.

    “Now go do your homework, then you can continue playing with Ruffus.

    Jackson sighs, “Ugh, fiiine. I’ll be right back, little bro.” Jackson gently sets Ruffus on the floor and heads into the dining room to do his homework.


    Sadly, I don’t think Nina every got a chance to play with Ruffus for more than ten minutes. Ruffus was alway by Jackson’s side.


    Even though I didn’t let Ruffus sleep in Jackson’s room, it didn’t stop Ruffus from doing so.


~ by Dana on November 6, 2011.

8 Responses to “Ch.11 Ruff Ruff”

  1. Ruffus is adorable – great chapter 🙂

  2. Ruffus is adorable – great chapter

  3. Wow, could this chapter be any cuter? I love Ruffus. He looks like my beloved dog–now passed–when Mac was a puppy.

    • Glad you liked it, and thank you for commenting!
      I agree, I ❤ Ruffus.
      Sadly we would have to let him go if Jackson doesn't win the heir vote . . .

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  5. D’aww. He’s so cuttte.

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