Ch.10 Outbursts

“MOM!!” Jackson yells, as he barges into the room.

“Yes sweetie?” I reply.

“Nina keeps taking Boinkers from me!!”

I look over at Nina, and ask her; “Is this the truth, Nina?”

“Nooo, me no take Boinkas.” Nina giggles.

“See Jackson? She didn’t take it.” I smile.

Over the past few days Jackson as been blaming Nina that she took his toy, Boinkers. Which was far from the truth since I spend the whole day with her.

Jackson rolls his finger into a fist.

“You never believe me!! I HATE YOU!” He screams and runs off into his room.

“Jackson!” I call after him.

“At least I have you, Boinkers.”

“Mom doesn’t ever listen. All she cares is Nina. Stupid, stupid Nina. It’s always about her!”

“Hey, what’s going on here? I heard screaming.” Reese says.

“Jackson is upset with me.”

“Should I go talk to him.” Reese offers.

“No, this is my problem. Hold Nina while I go talk to him.”

*knock knock knock*

“Sweetie? Can I come in?”


I ignored his reply and walked in.

“What do you want?”

“Jackson, you know I love you and Nina both. I would never pick favorites over both of you.”

“But how come you are always spending time with Nina?”

“Because she’s younger then you, and needs my help. You’re already so grown up and you don’t need my help as much.” I explain to him.

“I’m so sorry Mom, that I screamed at you. I promise I won’t do it ever again!” He apologizes.

I smile.

“Come on, let’s get up, it’s time for dinner. Me and daddy have some big news.”

“OK, Mom.”

“OK, everyone! Piper and I have some news that will affect all of us.” Reese announces.

“What is it, Dad? I’m not going to have another brother or sister, am I?”

Reese laughs, “No, of course not.”

“We’re moving.” I say.

“Moohing?” Nina says and then giggles.

“Yes, sweetie. We’re moving. This Saturday, most of our stuff is already shipped over there, so it won’t take us long to pack the rest.”

“Moving!?! What about all my friends here? Why can’t we just stay here in Sunset Valley?”

“Because, your father got a wonderful job offer over there. And I promise you’ll make new friends there!” I explain.

Jackson sighs, “Where are we moving?”

“Appaloosa Plains.”


~ by Dana on October 29, 2011.

4 Responses to “Ch.10 Outbursts”

  1. O.o
    A twist…Piper looks as gorgeous as ever!
    Nina’s kinda a brat ^.^
    I’m about to leave for the weekend so it’s a good thing I saw it first 😀

    • ^__^ lol, yes Nina is kinda bratty.
      Maybe there might be another chapter this weekend and you might miss it! hehe. Not like I’ll do it on prupose or anything. >_> <_<

  2. […] […]

  3. I think Nina’s adorable. As well as Jackson! She didn’t really do anything bratty in my opinion.

    Love it! ❤

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