Ch. 7 Renovations

Guess what?! She said “yes”.

I was so worried there for a second. What if she said no? What would I do? I knew I couldn’t live without her. But those worries slipped out of my head as soon as she said yes. She is going to be my bride, my beautiful, beautiful bride!

After that, we quickly left the restaurant to do a small celebration at the hotel before we boarded the plane back home.

It turns out that Noelle wasn’t the only one who was going to move out. Liam, Spencer, and Sydney found a house for all three of them to live in. As soon as we arrived, me and Piper said our goodbyes.

The house is going to be empty without them.

Something else I wasn’t suspecting was the renovations to the house my mom planned. When my siblings left she told us that she had been saving money for house renovations. Piper said she could help choose out some colors for the walls.

I was hoping that I could slack of and relax. But of course Mom had to send me out to buy some furniture at the consignment shop (it turns out Mom likes to shop there; who knew?).

I found some cheap couches, but the colors were wrong. I have to get white couches. There’s nothing wrong with vintage brown patterns, right?

I didn’t want to disappoint Mom (or Piper) so I asked the cashier if they had any plain white couches in stock.

“Yea, we have white, and we have red, too.” The man told me.

“White is fine, thanks.”

“Fill out this mailing form and your good to go. Thank you for shopping at Buy n” Bargin.”

By the end of the week, the renovations were complete. Piper and Mom loved it. I thought it was pretty cool aswell.

(house entrance)

(a small library room)

(the dining room)

(the kitchen)

(the bathroom)

(me and piper’s room)

(mom’s and dad’s room)

On top of all that, me and Piper have a wedding to plan. And we still haven’t told my parents. When we were working on the renovations and all that, we didn’t have the chance to tell them, but now we do. 

“Mom. Dad. Me and Piper have some very big news to tell you . .” I started off.

“What is it honey?” She asks.

Dad raises his eyebrows, he’s usually not the one who talks.

“Well . .” I gulp and look over at Piper; she gives me an encouraging smile.

I shouldn’t be nervous, I chide myself, I know Mom loves Piper. So this shouldn’t be a problem.

“Piper and me are getting married. I proposed to her while we were in France.”

“My baby!! You’re getting married?! This wonderful, and just the right timing too!” Mom exclaimed.

“What do you mean-” I started to ask but Mom blew me off.

“We will pay for the entire wedding!” Mom insisted.

“Mrs. Chance! You don’t have to do that, you already payed for our stay in France, we can’t possibly ask you to do this!” Piper says. I agreed.

“But I insist!”

“We can afford this, Reese. I just got a huge promotion.” Dad adds.

Oh, that’s what Mom meant by “the right timing”.

“Now, when do you plan to have your wedding?” Mom says before hearing our answer.

Me and Piper sigh, there’s no stopping my Mom.


~ by Dana on August 22, 2011.

7 Responses to “Ch. 7 Renovations”

  1. ❤ Love the renonvations ❤ And Piper and Reese in general ❤ Can't wait to see the wedding ❤ And whatever you have in store for us 🙂

  2. I like weddings. A lot :3
    You should name one of their babies Cayenne. Cuz it’s a cute name. And the other one Posh. Not really; that would just be weird. Okay, I’m gonna stop now. 🙂

  3. Haha. Roxy’s on a roll.

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