Ch.6 La France

Warning: Some “romance” is involved. But nothing disturbing! o_o


After about 8 hours on the plane, we finally arrived in the city of Champs Les Sims, France. From my window seat in the airplane, I can see the Eiffel Tower. As soon as I pointed it out to Piper, she was practically jumping in her seat.

The  taxi ride to our hotel wasn’t very long. The room was nice, the bed was pretty noisy though. I sat down on the bed and it made a loud creak.

I laughed. Looks like me and Piper are going to have to be careful . . .

“Oh, look!” Piper exclaims as she went to go change into something more comfortable. “We have a view of the Eiffel Tower!” She gushed.

“I’m a little bit hungry, how about we go to a cafe or something?”

“Yeah, that sounds good to me.”

Lucky for us, we found a little cafe in the town square.

Piper and me both ordered some Crepes. They were delicious, Piper told me that we should go check out the bookstore next door, and see if we could get the recipe. I agreed.

I also bought Piper some roses from a little flower stand nearby. I think she really liked them.

The bookstore – obviously – had a lot of books. Unfortunately, most of them were written in french. Somehow, Piper was able to find some written in Simlish.

We also decided to go check out the souvenir shop. I bet Mom would want a vase or something she could paint.

“Excuse, miss, do you have a vase, or something like that. I want to get my mom a souvenir.”

“Oui! Yes, yes we do, Monsieur! We have plenty of vases for your mama. Behind you, we have a huge selection you can look at.”

“Hmm, do you think my mom would like this, Piper?” I ask her.

“Umm . . ”

“I don’t think so! Don’t you think it’s a little bit, umm, crazy?!”

We ended up getting two vases, and one of those cheap disposable cameras. And we took some pictures of Piper and the cashier.

“Au revoir! Have a great time in France!”

“Thank you, we will.”

As soon as we finished, we drove over to the Winery. We were told it was a “must-see”. The kind lady at the register told us we could make our own wine for only 30 simoleons.

I thought it sounded fun, so we were told to put on a swimming suit. We didn’t bring any, so they let us borrow some.

We bought some grapes and berries and poured them into the bucket. Piper was the first to step in.

“Eww. It’s really . . . squishy!”

“What?” I said. I got in slowly, and as soon as my foot hit the fruit it made the silliest sound. For some reason that got Piper cracking up.

“Hahahahahaha!!” She laughed.

It was the weirdest experience ever.

The wine turned out well – bleh.

“I think it turned out this bad because of your stinky feet, Reese!” Piper joked.

I rolled my eyes.

While Piper was paying for our wine; I went to go look for wine that was actually good. But let me tell you they were expensive, 200 simoleons was probably the cheapest.

Piper didn’t know what I was planning, so I got three bottles, two cheap ones that she would expect me to buy. And one expensive one, that she will not know of.

 I surprised Piper by sneaking behind her taking her into my arms.

“How about we head back to the hotel?” I whisper.

She smiles, and nods.

“Good morning, Pipes. Ready for another romantic day in France?”

“Haha, I sure am!”

Over a warm breakfast that was served downstairs in our hotel, we talked about what we should do today.

“You know, I really want to go to the Art Museum they have here.”

“Sure, why not?”

We checked out the bulletin board that outside for directions to the museum. It turns out they didn’t have any taxi’s that take you there. So the only choice we were left with was to rent some scooters.

Soo worth it.

The Art Museum had some pretty awesome sculptures and all that. I think Piper was more into it than me.

 “Is she prettier than me?” Piper asks.


“Piper,” I sighed, “You are the prettiest girl in the whole world. She is just sculpture. The sculptor would have been more richer, if he sculpted you instead.”

“Reese!” Piper giggles.

What can I say? I’m a charmer.

Going through the rest of the Museum went by fast. Piper really enjoyed it and took a lot of pictures. I’m guessing she’s going to show Mom.

Afterwards, we went back to the hotel to relax a little before continuing our day.

“Tomorrow is our last day here.” I remind Piper.

She sighs. “Yeah, I know. I’m going to miss France, it’s so beautiful here . . .”

“Not as beautiful as you.” I smile.

She smiles back.

“Since it’s getting dark, let’s go and watch the stars.”

“OK. I’ll go anywhere with you.”

Watching the stars with Piper was wonderful. I found a perfect spot; it had a great view of the Eiffel Tower.

“Hey Pipes! Are you ready yet?” I called.

Today was our last day in Champs Les Sims. We spent most of the day keeping each other company, and just walking around the city. And now I’m going to take Piper out to dinner; I have a reservation for two at this fancy restaurant.

Hopefully I can make this a night to remember.

“Umm, yeah. I think I’m ready.”

“OK . . . I know I look ridiculous but -”

“OMG, Piper you look absolutely amazing!” I gasped.

And she did, she was gorgeous. A model from a magazine, an angel from the heavens.



“C’mon, let’s go. Don’t want to be late for a special evening with you.”

When we arrived, I excused the waiter, and took Piper to our table.

We ordered our meals.

“Reese, this is just . . . beautiful! The restaurant, the food, oh and the lovely scenery!”

“Oh it’s nothing . . .”

“Oops, almost forgot!”

I took out the wine I had got back at the Winery.

“Reese when? . . how?”

“While we were at the Winery. It was a little bit expensive, but worth it.”

“What do you think? Of the wine I mean.” I asked her.

“Great, perfect actually.” She smiled.

“Well there is one more thing I have to do make this night beyond perfect.”

“What do you mean . . . ?”

I took her into my arms, it gave me confidence that this was going to work out.

“Piper, I-I love you.”

“I love you too, Reese.”

“Awesome! That was just what I wanted to hear!”

“So, I was hoping, that we could, you know – well . . .”

I reach into my pocket, she probably already guessed what I was going to do, but she didn’t say anything.

“Marry me?”


~ by Dana on July 23, 2011.

10 Responses to “Ch.6 La France”

  1. Squee! Squee! Squee!

    Now I wanna see their gawjuss babies 😛 was it their ….erhrm…. first time?

    J’adore la France. Elle est le deuxieme meillure place de la terre.

  2. oooo…right. 🙂 they’re still super cuuuuuuuute, though.
    put piper on the exchange so i can make babies with them…. 😛

  3. So very romantic!

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  5. D’awwww! <33
    That was sweet!
    I can't wait to see how things turn out for the two of them!

  6. 😀 So well-written!
    …By any chance, are YOU in love? Cuz I know its almost impossible to write stuff like this unless you are XD

    Can’t wait to see how well they get on together married! 😀

  7. I knew he was gonna propose! Woo! I hope she says yes 😀

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