Ch.5 Growing Up

The next few years went by in a flash. Sydney, Liam, and Spencer finally came home from boarding school. Mom was so happy, and so was Noelle. It only took a minute for Noelle to spill the beans on everything that happened while they were gone to Sydney.

Noelle threw herself a huge party on her birthday. Everyone was there, and when I mean everyone, I mean everyone in the 11th and 12th grade.

Of coarse, my birthday wasn’t as crazy as Noelle’s. It was just me, my brothers and sisters, and Piper. Mom and Dad were there too.

Graduation day also came up. For some reason Noelle came up with the most strangest idea. For some reason she told me to wear a baseball cap to graduation. At least I didn’t have to wear the hat that she and Piper had on. Now that is one memorable picture.

That’s not all though . . .

Now that Noelle was all grown up, she decided it was time for her to move out. Preferably, to the big city – Bridgeport.

It was easy to tell that Mom was devastated. She kept reminding Noelle to call everyday and send pictures and all that.

“Sweetie, did you forget anything? Do you have your passport?” Mom asked for the millionth time.

“Yes. I do.”

“How about the plane tickets? And the-”

“MOM! Mom, god, I have it all, don’t worry!”

“Oh ok. But I know there is one thing you forgot.”

“And what is that?” Noelle sighs.

“A goodbye hug!” Mom extends her arms out looking for a hug.

“Oh Mom.” Noelle rolls her eyes.

“What is it Mom?”

“Me and Jacob have a surprise for you to.” She says.

“And?” I ask.

Mom nods at Dad, and looks back at me and Piper.

“We bought you guys two plane tickets to Champs Les Sims, France!”

“Wait what now?!”

“We thought about this for a while now, and decided that you two deserve a vacation!” Mom smiles.

“Oh, Mr. and Mrs.Chance that is kind of you! We can’t just accept this without giving you something in return.” Piper interrupts.

“Piper, what you can give in return is to take these plane tickets and go!” Mom laughs.

Piper looks and me and I shrug my shoulders. I honestly think this is the perfect chance for what I was planning.

“Mom, I guess we have no other choice than to say yes.”

“Yes! This is wonderful! Your plane leaves tomorrow at eight a.m.! We already paid for your hotel room, a taxi will pick you up at the airport and take you the hotel.”

Piper turns to me and hugs me.

“Omg, I can’t believe we’re going to France!” She exclaims.

“Same here.”


~ by Dana on July 17, 2011.

One Response to “Ch.5 Growing Up”

  1. Oooh. France. There’s gonna be some definite romance. -rubs hands together-

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