Ch. 2 A Day at the Park

Yesterday Noelle set me up a chatting account online. She was also able to get Elizabeth to go on meet me, without telling her it’s me. Today me and Elizabeth are gonna chat online.

“Reese, you ready?” Noelle asks.

“Yeah I guess.” I say as I login.

“What’s her username again?” I ask Noelle.

“Hotchick95.” She tells me. “OMG, look, she’s on!”

“Umm. What should I say?”

“Say hi! DUH.”

Me: Hey

Hotchick95: Hi! My friend told me about u!

Me: Yeah

Hotchick95: Do u go 2 Sunset Valley High?

Me: Yeah, I’m a sophomore

Hotchick95: Me 2! Thats so cool!!

Hotchick95: R u in any of my classes?

Me: I don’t think so.

So it went on and on like that.

I couldn’t believe I was able to talk to her! And I think she really likes me. I promised myself that I would thank Noelle later.

“Hotchick95” and me planned to chat with each other everyday after school. She told me about her favorite colors and what happened to her at school that day.

I also told her a few things about myself. Not a lot but a few. I didn’t even have to tell her, she liked to tell me about her self instead. 

One day I signed on for our daily chat. And Elizabeth instantly greets me with an unexpected idea.

Hotchick95: Hey, I got an awesome idea!

Me: What is it?

Hotchick95: We should totally meet up in person!!!

At that moment I had no idea if I should tell her yes or no. If we met in person  what if she might think I’m a loser? But she wouldn’t, Noelle told me that Elizabeth has a crush on me, right?

I thought for a few extra moments, then decided on my final answer.

Me: Sure, sounds cool

Hotchick95: Gr8! Meet me @ the park, 3 o’clock

Me: k, c u.

Hotchick95 leaves the room.

I couldn’t think of anything else to do after that other than to tell Noelle what just happened.


“Whats up?” She greets me.

“Me and Elizabeth are gonna meet in person. Tomorrow!” I tell her.

“Ehmamawd! That’s great, I’m so happy for you!” She exclaims.

“NO! It’s not good at all! What I’m going to say?”

“The same things you’ve said to her online, obviously.”

“My dear brother, there is nothing worry about, she is gonna love you! We already know that she has a crush on you. So it will be super easy!”

“You think so?”

“Oh, I know so.”

I smiled and hugged Noelle.

“It’s nice to know that I can trust you, sis.”



The next day, I go into the bathroom (the only bathroom in the house, actually) to get ready to meet Elizabeth.

As soon as I heard Noelle banging on the door so she could do her hair and all that girly stuff, I walked out the door and to the town park. I was 30 minutes early so I sat down on the swings near the park’s pond.

Hmm . . what if Elizabeth thinks it would be too weird to date one of her best friend’s brother, it would be kinda weird if you think about it . . .

“Excuse me? Is this swing taken?” I suddenly hear a calm clear voice.

“Uh umm, no, not currently.” I managed to say.

I look over to the girl who was now sitting next to me. She is cute, but I don’t think I ever saw her around before at school.  Her eyes are probably one of the most prettiest feature, a greenish-brownish color. This is defiantly not Elizabeth.

“Hey do you go to Sunset Valley High?” I ask her.

“Umm no. I don’t” She says.

“Oh.” I reply.

“I’m Piper by the way.” She smiles.

“I’m Reese.” I smile back. I liked her smile, it made her eyes twinkle.

“Hey, why were you sitting here alone before I came?” She asks.

“I was . . . I mean, I am waiting for a . . friend. We planned to meet here, but I’m little early . . . so . . . yeah.” I explained.

“You’re friend won’t mind if I hang out with you untill they’re here, right?” She says.

“I don’t think so.”

“OK good because . . . I bet you can’t swing higher than me!!” She jokes and starts to swing.

“We’ll see about that!” I say as I get into her playful mood.

“Hahaha! I’m winning!!” She screams at me.

“Not anymore!!” I scream back.

Soon enough I got tired of swinging, and decided to push her instead.

“Here, I’m gonna help you swing so high that you’ll reach the moon.”

She laughs, “I’d like to see that happen!”

I was having so much fun that I lost track of time and didn’t notice that it was past 3 o’clock.

“I’m going to go take a break Piper.” I tell her as I stopped pushing her and headed toward the bench nearby.

“Oh come on Reese! You’re such a party pooper!” She laughs, and pretends to whine.

“Nah it’s ok, just keep on swinging, you don’t need me.”

“Well then. If you’re not swinging, I’m not swinging.” She says stubbornly.

She sighs and sits down next to me.

“Reese, tell me why you’re here.”

“I already told you Piper. I made plans with a friend to meet them here, at the park. And they are not here, it doesn’t matter. Something important must have come up or something.”

“The whole reason.” She demands. Ugh, girls can be so . . so . . pushy.

“I know that’s not it.” She eyes me.

I sigh, giving up. I can’t keep this from her.

“Well I have a crush on this girl at my school, my sister tells me that she knows that this girl likes me back because my sister is her best friend. So, since I’m to nervous to talk to my crush in person, my sister makes me an online chatting account so I could talk to my crush online. And my crush doesn’t know its me, and wanted to meet each other in person today, so I said yes. And now I’m here.” I say in a rush.

“Looks to me that you’ve been tricked by your sister.”

“Really?” I groan, I can’t believe I let Noelle do this to me. That sneaky little she-wolf. . .

“What do you think I should do now?” I ask her, I could just go straight home and release my angry on Noelle. But that is what she wanted in the beginning.

“I think you should take revenge on your sister.” She smiles  and winks.

“I like how you think Piper.”

I may have lost the chance of having a relationship with Elizabeth, but I’ve gained a new friend. A friend that can help me take revenge on my unsuspecting sister.


~ by Dana on May 29, 2011.

11 Responses to “Ch. 2 A Day at the Park”

  1. pawky!!!
    eh…anyways, is piper the surprise you were talking about in the first chapter? because she’s adorable 🙂
    she-wolf=shakira :0
    and, um, keep on writing bcuz you’re amazing.

    • Thanks 😀 I love it when people comment, it keeps me going!
      Yes, Piper is ah-dorable! Hopefully Reese will notice . . . 😉

  2. Lemme just tell ya, I’m in love with this legacy (Pardon me, Adoptacy)
    I started my own on my game but due to my laziness I didn’t make it into a blog.

    Anywho, I saw this a long time ago and then i couldn’t find it but here it is! 😀
    Keep writin’!

  3. I love your story and I am now subscribed 😀 Great idea for a legacy, by the way.

  4. I love this! I just read all of it today 😀
    This is such a cool idea for a legacy, I’ll be following it!

  5. Reese can’t be too angry at Noelle–he got to meet Piper and I think they are going to hit it off.

  6. I think that reese and piper would b cute together. Piper is really pretty!!!

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