Ch.17 Final

Today was like any other day. Except for the fact that I was going  to get married this afternoon. Yup, soon I will be a married mother of five.

“Get up sleepy-head. We got things to do.” I say to Jacob.

“Roxy, my love. Today’s the day, we’re getting married. Can you believe it?”

“Yeah . . . just one and half years ago we met and now . . .”

“And now, we will be together forever and ever in just a few short hours.”

“Well, that’s a little over exaggerated. .  .” .

“Is it?” He asks.

“Think about it Roxy. We will grow old together, watch your, soon our, grandchildren crawl by at our feet.”

“I like the sound of that.”

“Now I better get changed and go. See you at the altar.”

“See you . . .” I sigh.

“MOOOOOOM!!” Noelle screams and barges into the living room.


“Reese keeps BOTHERING MEEE.” She complains.

“I’m not, Mom, seriously. Noelle is the one who is bothering people. Including me.” Reese says, defending himself.

Ever since Noelle and Reese’s 16 th birthday, they wouldn’t stop fighting. It’s either ‘”you’re in my seat”‘ or “‘you stole my stuff”‘. I have no idea what is going on between these two, but it has to stop.

“Come on, sweeties. Stop the fighting, you guys have to be getting ready, remember? Please try to get along, you two are brother and sister. When both of you were little you would do almost everything together without all the fighting, what happened?”

“I guess she’s right Reese . .” She says sheepishly.

“I guess . .” Reese mumbles.

Noelle and Reese agree to stop their fighting and head their different ways. Reese, to the t.v., and Noelle to her room to talk on her cell phone.

“Hey Jessica! . . .really? . . . No way!”

“Oh, and Noelle?”

“Hang on a sec Jessica, my mom needs something. . . Yes mom?”

“Could you please do the laundry?”

Ever since Noelle grew up, she’s been helping out with the laundry.She is such a sweet girl, I’m glad I have her.

Eventually, it was time for me to be wed. Me and Jacob agreed on a simple and small wedding, and we only invited family and close friends.

 And at that moment I remember the day when my parents sent me here, I remember the note they wrote me, and I imagine that if they were here right now, I would be staring straight into their smiling faces. I couldn’t be anymore more happier.


~ by Dana on April 4, 2011.

5 Responses to “Ch.17 Final”

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  2. Congratulations on their wedding. Noelle is such a lovely young woman.

  3. I. Love. This! (:

  4. Awww! -squeals- Simply beautiful.

    Love it ❤

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