Ch.16 The Proposal

Weeks went by, and eventually Liam and Spencer grew up into cute energetic boys. You can tell by how they play past bedtime.

But that’s not all that has been happening. About 3 days after Liam’s and Reese’s birthday, I received a call late in the afternoon, from Jacob to meet him at the park across my house. Not expecting anything I accepted, and headed toward the destination.

I arrived at the park, and quickly found Jacob standing on the bridge.

“What’s up?” I asked him.

“Oh, I just got something on my mind that I have to tell you.”

“Which is?”

“Well, umm Roxy . . .” He began.


“Wait, umm hold on a second, I think it would be more proper if I did it this way.”

“What the? What in the world are you doing?”

“Hold on a second Roxy.”

“I think more than a few seconds has passed already Jacob.”

“Oh. My. Plumbob! You’re not doing what I think you are doing, are you?”

“Roxy Chance . . .”

“. . . will you make me the most happiest man in the world and marry me?”



“Well . . well . . well . .  what do we have here.”

“Looks like I’ll have to take care of the job myself.”

“Heh heh heh.”

When me and Jacob got home, I rushed towards the kids and almost yelled;

“Mama’s getting married!!”

“Aww, Mom, that’s great! I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later though.”

“I knew you would Noelle.”

“So hold on a sec. You two are gonna get married, right?”


“So that means . . . you’re gonna be my Dad?” Sydney questioned and pointed to Jacob.

“Well, you don’t have to call me Dad, if you’re not comfortable with it or anything.”

That’s when Sydney rushed over to Jacob and gave him that big hug of hers that I knew everything was going to be alright.

“I think I’m okay with calling you Dad.”



“Yup I think so . . . DAD.”

“OK now,  finish up your homework and go to bed sweeties. And also, where are Spencer and Liam?”

“They are in bed. They already finished their homework.”

“Are you leaving?”

“If it’s OK with you, I could stay the night.”

“Well then, it’s ok with me.”

I wasn’t very tired. So me and Jacob stayed up and watched some random movie on the television.

*Knock Knock*

“Who in sane mind would be knocking on someone’s door at 11 pm?”

“I have no idea, but I’ll go ahead in answer it.”

I kept on watching the movie, while Jacob was answering the door.

And before I could respond, I hear a scream, scratching, punching and who knows what else.

And what a terrible shock to see the same lady that I saw at the junkyard attacking my husband to be.

Fortunately, Jacob was able to beat her and force her to fall on the floor.

Unfortunately, she was able to get up and quickly grab me against my will.

“This is what you get for knowing too much honey.” She says to me.

“And Jacob? This is what you get for quitting, a tragic death of your lover. It would have been better for everyone, except maybe Roxy here, to just kill her right when you met her.”

“You are a sick woman.”

“Hahaha. And don’t do anything rash, or else I’ll take out my gun here and shoot her.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I tore out of her unsuspecting hands and took her gun all in one second.

“Look who’s being threatened now.” I tell her.

I point the gun at her, while Jacob calls the police.

It must have been quite a scene for my neighbors to see the police cars in front of my house.

“So tell me what happened here?”

I could tell Jacob was upset and wasn’t really happy about telling the cop what happened. I decided to tell the cop instead.

“This lady, she came in and attacked my fiancée here, and the threatened to kill me.”

“That’s all I need to know. Thank you and have nice night.”

I watched as the cop grabbed the lady (whose name I still don’t know) and pushed her inside the police car. I heard her struggles and pleas exclaiming that she didn’t so anything.

“I’m so grateful that it’s over and done with.”

“. . . yeah.”

“Why are you crying?”

“B-beacuse, I’m s-scared.”

“‘Was scared, you mean.”

“Roxy look at me, there is nothing to be afraid of when I’m here.”

“And remember that I love you, forever and always.”


~ by Dana on March 27, 2011.

3 Responses to “Ch.16 The Proposal”

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  2. Congratulations on their engagement.

  3. Love it ❤

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