Ch.14 A Birthday For A Gift

After about 30 minutes or so, Jacob arrived back while I was in the kitchen preparing the food.

“Jacob! It’s wonderful! You didn’t have to get all of this!”

“Roxy, seriously, no worries. This is nothing.”

“I’m just so, happy to have you. You don’t know hard it is to take care of everything by yourself. It brings me great relief.”

Once the kids got home from school I got everyone around the table to start celebrating, which was hard, since Noelle kept asking questions about Jacob.

This was a moment that I would never forget.

It was adorable watching Sydney trying to blow out the candles, but eventually I helped her blow em’ out.

Noelle also invited a friend, Jessica, over. It was nice seeing Noelle socializing and making so many friends.

And let me tell you, the girls got along great.

Unfortunatly, it was soon time for Jessica to go.

“Bye, Jessica!”

“Bye guys!”

“Thank you, Mommy. For everything.”

“Your welcome, sweetie.”

I was touched by Sydney. She is such a bright girl.

When it became their bed times. I sent them to their room and kissed them good night.

“Thank you Jacob. I don’t now how I will ever repay you.”

“Forget it. It was really nothing.”

“There is nothing I can say to change your mind is there?”

“Goodnight Roxy, sleep tight for me, will ya?”

I obeyed his commands, and went to sleep with pleasure and satisfaction.


~ by Dana on March 14, 2011.

5 Responses to “Ch.14 A Birthday For A Gift”

  1. It was kind of Jacob to help her with the party.

  2. […] Come read it here. […]

  3. Dana, will you pwetty please upload Roxy’s house up on mediafire?
    Pwease. 😀

    • Sure. Once the first generation is over, (maybe after 2, 3 or 4 more chapters) I will upload it to mediafire, and maybe the exchange too.

  4. Love it ❤

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