Ch.9 Makeover

I look into mirror, disgusted. I’m supposedly a mother of 5, when I look like I’m only 19 years old, and I am!  I twirl around, and analyze my body from different angles.

I wonder if Noelle and Reese are embarrassed of how young I look, I thought to myself.

Or how slutty . . .

It’s time for a change.

“. . .” I was speechless.

I felt . . . right. Like a mother, this is how I was ment to be. No wonder my parents got rid of  me, I looked like a slutty, drop-out-of-highschool teenager. Although I know that’s not true, it was to my neighbors.

“Noelle? Reese?” I called.

“We’re watching t.v.!” they replied.

I walked in, I wanted to know what they thought of the, well, new me.

” . . . Woah, Mom.”


“Mom!” Noelle repeated, “You look gorgeous! What do you think, Reese?”

“Hmm . . . mhmm, yeah. You look good, Mom.” 

“Did you even look at her?!”

“Yes I did, in fact, I saw her when she was blocking the t.v. screen.”

Noelle rolled her eyes “mhmm.”

“What are guys even watching anyways?” I say when the women on-screen slaps another women.

“Just some movie about stuff.”

“Umm, is this rated PG?”

“Noo . . ?”

“Did you two finish your homework?”


“Yup. Nothing to worry about.” Except for a suspicious meeting on friday that I still have no idea what to do about.

Not wanting to bother them, I go to my unfinished painting, and start finishing it. It took about 30 min., to get me relaxed. I know that I can always count on painting to was the stress away. With all the worrying I have to do as a mother, I was afraid it would never go away.

“Hey Mom. Me and Reese are going outside to jump on the trampoline.”

“Sure, go ahead. Not to long though, OK?”

“Yeah, Yeah.”

There is no stopping Noelle and Reese from jumping on the trampoline, even if there are meteorites falling down from the sky.

Soon enough I finish the picture. The thing is, I have a hard time choosing if I should keep it or sell it.

Usually, I give in and keep it. I can’t make an exact replica anyways, right?

  After checking in on my babies, I decided it was time to start cooking dinner. Of course I went with Mac’ n Cheese since that was the only thing I could cook (except waffles) and it  is Noelle’s fave food.

Unfortunately, Reese’s favorite food is Sushi.

30 min later . . .

“Hey mom?”


Guess who has a crush on somebody . . .”

“Reese! You promised you wouldn’t tell.”

“Well, Mom has the right to know.”

 My curiosity in my childrens’ lives got the best in me.


 “So, who is it?” I asked Noelle. It was pretty obvious that she was the one crushing.


“I’m just kidding. But like Reese said – I have the right to know.”

“Whatever.” She replies stubbornly, then digs in to her food.

That’s my girl.

“Well I’m going to sleep, g’night Mom.”

“Me too.”

“Sleep tight guys.”


I didn’t bother checking in on them, I was way to exhausted, instead I just went straight to bed.

From five kids, two of them children and three are toddlers, paying bills, to the suspicous note.

What else does a single nineteen year-old mom have to do? 


Author’s Note:

I know it’s been a while – a long while. But I didn’t want to give up this legacy. And hope you guys haven’t either. I really feel bad about making you guys wait so long, and hope you forgive me. I have no excuse to why haven’t updated in so long. But now lets put that all behind us! Hopefully. Next chapter should be out this weekand or next sometime next week! Or maybe even this friday. Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and please feel freee to comment. I always read them 🙂


~ by Dana on February 2, 2011.

10 Responses to “Ch.9 Makeover”

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  2. Glad to see an update, she definitely looks more like a mother of 5 and it suits her.

  3. Yay! I thought you abandoned this, but your back! I love her makeover, but it’s going to take a while for me to get use to it!

  4. Very cute chapter 🙂 Glad to see a new one up and welcome back – will check back for more ❤

  5. I love her new wardrobe and hairstyle! She looks b-e-a-utiful! xD

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