Ch. 8 The Note

Once arriving home from the . . . hair salon, I notice Jackson (the babysitter) coming out of my house. He smiled and waved at me.

“Hello Jackson, how were my babies?” I said as I came up to him to shake his hand.

They were great! Noelle and Reese got back from school about 30 mins. ago, they’re inside right now doing their homework.” Jackson informed me.

“That’s nice to hear. And thank you  for watching them Jackson, I needed a little break from them, you know?”

No prob. Bye Miss Chance.”

“Bye.”  I know I could always count on Jackson to watch the kids, but the weird thing is, he’s only 2 years younger than me. . .

I walk inside, and saw that Jackson was right, Noelle and Reese were hard at work doing their homework.

“Hey,  my sweets, how was the first day of school for you to?”

To tell you the truth mom, it was pretty boring.”

“Yeah!” Reese chimed in.

“But did you make any friends?”

Of course I did! There’s this girl, Jessica, she’s really funny, and there is this other girl, I think her name is Taylor.”

I was happy Noelle was making friends at school, hopefully these friends are what they call “true friends”.

“How about you Reese?” I ask.

He laughs, “I don’t know, I couldn’t keep count!”

Me and Noelle join in laughing. “Yeah right, Reese!”

After checking on Noelle and Reese. I go see if anyone else was awake, and surprisingly I saw that Liam was wide awake. There was just something about my babies’ eyes that make my inside so mush.

Mooommmy, wer did you go?”

“I just had to go do a few things, don’t worry about it.” I smile at Liam.

“I missed you dthough”

“Well then, maybe next time I will bring you with me, will that make you feel better?”

Yay! Yes that wood!”

I put Liam back into his crib, so he could try to go back to sleep again. He must’ve been worried about me while I was gone.


I quietly sneak out of the room, and waited till’ I heard the sound of Liam’s quiet snoring, so I could go into my room, but that had to wait because I heard loud sobs coming out of my babies room.

 I rush in and saw my little angel’s tears going down his cheeks.

“Momma!” He cried (good thing he didn’t wake up Liam).

I was so worried, that I wasn’t sure what I would do, getting my mind together quickly, I ran to Spencer and picked him up.

“My baby,” I cooed, “What in the world is wrong?”

“Ma-ma, I had a bwad dream that you and my bwothers and sisters disappeared.” Spencer sobbed.

“Spencer, you don’t have to worry, it was just a dream. It didn’t happen. I’m right here, and your bothers and sisters are home safe and sound, too.”

My words seem to have calm him, and after a few minutes of rocking him back and forth, he fell back into sleep.

Soon enough, I was able to get myself alone.

I reach into my pocket for the piece of paper that I went into all that trouble for. . .


Meet me at the Junkyard, around 12 o’clock am. We will discuss the plan for the – you know what. Don’t bring anyone with you, or else I  will have no choice but to kill you imediatly.


P.S. Bring this note with you.

I gasped, I obviously gotten myself into something big, and dangerous.

But I wasn’t going to let something like this pass by me like an annoying fly. And calling the police wouldn’t be the right answer, I am going to have to investigate this myself, cause, who knows? Maybe this might put my own children in danger.


~ by Dana on October 9, 2010.

10 Responses to “Ch. 8 The Note”

  1. I hope this doesn’t lead to serious trouble but I am as curious as she is.

  2. Ah! I just started reading this today. 🙂 AND I LOVE IT! Your just amazing.. 😀

  3. This is getting exciting =D
    I’m very curious as to what this is. I just hope she doesn’t get into too much trouble than she can handle.

  4. This is awesome! I also just started reading today and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  5. This story – and challenge- is brilliant! I just started reading it today and I can’t wait for the next chapter:) You got me hooked and the kids are so cute!

  6. abandoment?

  7. Love it ❤

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