Ch.7 Suspicious

“Hello? Yes, may you babysit, while I go out for a few hours?”

Of coarse Ms. Chance!”

“Great. Thanks. Bye.”

See ya.”

I called the usual Babysitter, Jackson, to watch the toddlers, while I went out on to town. Where am I going? I’m not sure, all I know is that I needed a break from the house and the babies.


Once the yellow old Taxi drove up on front of my house, I got in. I was hoping that the man driving the Taxi, would just drive somewhere that he thought would be a good place for me to go, but instead he asked me.

Where to miss?”

“Umm . . . uh, Is there a tattoo place in town?”

“Yes, is that where you would like to go?”

“Uh OK.”


Turns out I’m gonna get a tattoo today.

The place the Taxi dropped me of at looked nothing like what I expected it to look like. It was more a  fancy Hair Salon, then a Tattoo Parlor. The one in Riverview, was just a small room in a small building, and right next to it was an alley with hobos occupying it, and the usual gangsters hanging out there.

I walked into the building, and searched for the tattoo section, finally, I found it by asking one of the employes.

May I help you?”

“Yes, I would like to get a tattoo.”

Alright, follow me. I’m Rebecca by the way.”


I was about to follow Rebecca to the other room, when I noticed someting stick out under the folder on Rebecca’s desk.

 I took one more glance, before Rebecca could notice my sudden stop.

“Roxy, I hope you’re okay with wearing a swimming suit.”

“I didn’t bring a swimming suit with me.”

“I think I have your size in the cabinet, change quikly and we can start.”

I’m not shy, usually. But it was kind of awkward changing when Rebecca was staring at me the whole time.

OK, Roxy, what would you like?”

There was many options, but I found one that caught my eye the most.

“Done, what do you think?”

After, about 1 hour, Rebecca finished, I wasn’t afraid to admit that she did a good job on it.

“Thank you, I love the tattoo.”

No problem. And I love the tattoos you have already, too. It gave me some more ideas for my next creations.”

I paid for the tattoo, and sneaked back to the folder, that has been on my mind the whole past hour.

I went into the room, and hoped no one would notice me take the paper.

I quickly snatched the suspicious note, I stuffed it in my jean’s pocket and ran out of the room before anyone would notice.

 So no one would think I stole something (which I did) or whatever, I took the excuse of  an “emergency”, and rushed to the  bathroom.

The Boys‘ Bathroom

Oops. Good thing no one was in there, or else, I would’ve been in big trouble.

Meanwhile . . .


What!? Where is it? I knew. . . I put it here-Argh!”

“-Have you seen a peice of paper lying around anywhere? It’s very important.”

“Sorry I haven’t”

“Escuse me. . .”

“Yes, may I help you?”

 “I think I may know where your paper is . . .”


Author’s Note:

Sorry for the short chapter, but I wanted to get this out there before I would slack of again! Hope you guys don’t mind! Thanks, and hoped you like it!



~ by Dana on September 24, 2010.

10 Responses to “Ch.7 Suspicious”

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  2. I can’t imagine what the note says?

  3. the suspense is killing me…

  4. Dana… where have u been!!!

  5. oh kay 🙂
    glad ur back. everyday I’d check here… and then yesterday

  6. Wow, awesome. Dying for the next one now xD

  7. Love it ❤

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