Ch.6 Growing Up

My conversation with the Adoption Center Request Manager went a little like this. . .

“Hello, Welcome to the Adoption Center, how may I help you?”

I was a little over-whelmed that Mrs. Hood wasn’t the one answering.

“Umm – Is Mrs. Hood there?”

“No she is on break today. Would that be all for now?”

“NO – I mean no, that is not all, I am just usually use to – nevermind, so anyways, I would like to adopt 2 baby boys. . .?”

“TWO? Are you sure miss? It sounds like you have more than 2 at home, am I right?”

“Yes – I do, I have 3 at home actually.”

“THREE! Miss -“


“Roxy, are you sure this is a good .  . . umm  idea?”

I was embarrassed – what if she was right? What if this was wasnt a good idea. . .

I know it might not be a good idea. . . but listen, I am a great parent! They all love me, and wouldn’t it be good for them to have a family? A place to call home?!”

“Yes, that is true, well it’s your life, I guess.”

“Thank you.”

“Your address and name?”

“Roxy Chance, oh and my address should be in your computer files.”

“OK then. . . they will be here soon. Have a good day. Buh-bye.”

Of coarse, soon enough after that terribly embarrassing conversation, my babies arrive.

Meet Spencer . . .

. . . And Liam

I think I’m blessed with cuteness overload

 Luckily, I was able to fit in 2 more cribs in the kid’s room! 🙂

As I cradled my bundle of joy. I noticed my mailbox. . .


I shuddered at that evil memory. But that moment was interrupted by me dashing straight toward the mailbox.

I wasn’t going let that *****, take any my of belongings –  ever again.

“Take that you stupid repowoman” I say to myself, as I shoved the signed bill into the mailbox.

But like always I take a nice  minute to relax myself by painting a picture. There was nothing else I could think of at moment to draw, untill my stomach growled with anticipation for food.

Yet again, I fail at making Mac’ and Cheese.

*sigh* I guess I’ll have to settle for a jelly sandwich instead.


Soon enough I finish my – very delicious – sandwich. As you can probably guess it was pretty good. I then look over to the person sitting next to me – and that’s when I realize that there is no one sitting next to me. Lonely seeps through as I discover the truth of that. I can adopt all the babies in the world, but that feeling will still be stuck in me, like my heart is a stone and that feeling is engraved there, never being able to be erased so easily.

 My thoughts were then faded into a little nagging bubble in the back of head, when I heard Spencer’s desperate cries for food and love. I rush to Spencer with a bottle of milk in hand.

“There you go Spencer . . . awww, you like that, don’t you?”

I smile down at Spencer’s small face. That’s enough babies for now.

But because of Spencer’s wails for food, Liam thought that it would be a good idea to copy his older brother.


And you think that’s it? Well, nope! That’s not it, looks like three other toddlers felt like it was there right to cry for food also.

Even though I had to listen to their painful screaming – I still have a headache from that – it was worth it at the end to see there smiling faces. Aren’t they just to die for?

Then I realize what they do when they are done with their food. Bad babies, Bad!

Of coarse I couldn’t  just simply punish such cute little angel faces like that! Grr, being a mother is such horrid work.

I guess the good part about their screaming is that it takes a lot of their energy from it, which leaves me a whole night to myself.

So, I just spent the whole night inventing random things . . .

Like an air bender, I have no I dea why I even thought of that, there’s no use to it. But it’s pretty cool for a display.

A couple of weeks later, it was time for Liam’s and Spencer’s birthday! I decided I would take it simple this time and have no party.

First up Spencer!

Then Liam!

I think I’m going to cry! (Top: Spencer | Bottom: Liam)


“Wiam! Wook at my tweddy bear!”


Life can’t get better than this!

Or can it? . . . Probably not!

But then faster than the click of my fingers,  it was time for another birthday! Two more in fact.

“Okay Noelle, blow out the candles and make a wish!”

“*pfft* I wish for a doggy!”

Who could have a more beautifull daughter than Noelle? I can sense she will make many friends in school! *sigh* I’m experiencing so many different  mixed feelings right now.

And we can’t forget Reese’s turn!


Who knew he could get anymore cuter than when he was when he was a baby?


 I was plenty surprised to see Noelle playing with Sydney, but I guess no one could change that, which I ‘m glad about. You haven’t seen real sisterhood love untill you’ve seen Noelle and Sydney together!

After Noelle and Reese diagested their dinner, I showed them their surprise birthday gift!

Since I didn’t throw a party for their birthday this year, I was able to afford them a trampoline!  They were on that thing untill dark, good thing I was able to get them off, it was a school night!

Good thing I was able to fit in 2 beds in the kid’s room, but it won’t be like that for too long, well atleast untill I get a promotion.

The next day we all woke up early so they wont miss the bus. And when the bus arrived I stood there, a little worried and watched them board onto the bus, I mean this is the day mothers dread, the day their babies grow up.

I waved my hand as they walked away slowly from me. I won’t be there with them at school, but I’ll be home waiting for them when they get back.

They grow up so fast.


~ by Dana on August 21, 2010.

7 Responses to “Ch.6 Growing Up”

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  2. They certainly do. Kudos to you for making the characters in your story so diverse.

  3. Noelle!
    So many children! Roxy needs some help.

  4. Oooo, another chapter is up (don’t worry, I don’t comment first, then read :P) I have been anxiously awaiting this chapter, I love all the kids, how did you get cute ones every single time? Normally I get really quite ugly ones, I usually have to make the =m excersize to make them shed some weight too xD I hope you never get them that bad 😀 Great chapter, I’ll eargerly await the next one xxx

  5. Awww. They turned into gorgeous and handsome childrennnn. Be strong, Roxy!

    Love it! ❤

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