Ch.4 Big Surprise

After the past few weeks I’ve been flying through my career. I’ve created many paintings, some which I fell in love with, but sadly, I had to sell them. But I knew it was worth it, because I would be able to afford more things for my two kids.

I would never leave the easel, only for emergencies, which doesn’t include going to the bathroom. So, I would find myself painting in wet pants, that wasn’t such a great idea.

Once I finished my painting for the day, I heard a car engine roaring outside. It was weird, because I didn’t invite anyone.

I went outside to look out my window, and that’s when I realized. I haven’t paid my bills. I was so caught up in  painting, that I haven’t had the brain to check the mail. And now the repoman are here to take on of my belongings. But what would they take? My refrigerator? My table? My easel, or even worse. . . Noelle or Reese. I was in so much stress that I didn’t notice the repoman walk in.

The repowomen was actually kinda of smiling when she was taking some of my stuff. I don’t understand, though, is why is this a good thing for her? Well, she will get paid after this,that’s something to smile about, but still!

After she left, she only ended up taking my chair that was used for sitting when I was drawing on my drawing board. And I worried all for nothing, but  that a great relief for me, though, cause’ I could always get a new chair.

And soon enough, it was time for Noelle’s and Reese’s birthday party! I was able to afford decorations, food, cake and everything I would need for the birthday party, even a stereo (Which of course I was renting)!

I called everyone I knew! I was even able to invite my friends from High School (they were visiting because of a chess contest in town).

The party was great! People were dancing and laughing, and having a fun time. Right when I was about to take Noelle to the cake, I noticed someone else came to the party. It was the lady who worked at the adoption center. I was so glad to see her that I almost dropped Noelle.

She told me she had to go after I introduced her to Noelle and Reese, she said there was something she had to do at the Adoption Center. I told her it was okay, and gave her a hug before she left. I was disappointed that she couldn’t see Noelle and Reese grow up.

But that disappointment soon faded once I took Noelle to the cake. Everyone surrounded us as I helped Noelle blow out the candles. It was such a great moment, I almost forgot about the repoman that came a couple of days ago.

Noelle grew into the cutest girl ever. I was so happy I adopted her.

Then it was Reese’s turn. You could easily see that he was excited as me (I rhymed!).

Reese also grown up as equally as cute as Noelle. You could totally see that Reese is going to be ladies man. Roar, he’s my cute baby lion!

After the all the guests left, I went inside for some peace and quiet, but instead, I get a big surprise. . .


~ by Dana on July 4, 2010.

11 Responses to “Ch.4 Big Surprise”

  1. Ha! I KNEW it!
    Noelle *is* irresistibly cute. So take that xD
    I wonder what the surprise is. I guess that’s why it’s a surprise.

  2. These kids are very cute. Happy Birthday to them both.

  3. yay yay! Noelle is just as cute as her name says she should be! And Reese. He’s cute too.

  4. Cute!

    More soon?

  5. Wheres some
    more story?

  6. I love this legacy!! Please continue writing!!

  7. I was wondering if we could get a e.t.a of wehn a new story comes out?

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