Ch.3 What to Paint

Right after the new addition to the family, I ordered some furniture. A new bed for Noelle, and an awesome bed for Reese, I also bought a table and a new chair, and two high chairs for when Noelle and Reese grow into fat little toddlers.

Also, I had enough time to paint the toy box I made. Not bad, right?

I gave Reese and Noelle a hug before they went to sleep, just to make sure they didn’t need anything. By the time I got to Noelle, Reese was fast asleep. Is that snoring I hear?

Day by day, I find myself starting to draw again. Right after I put Reese and Noelle to sleep, I would rush to the board to continue drawing. It was the only thing keeping me and my babies alive. Good thing I can draw too.

Did I ever mention how much I hate the toilet? Well, I HATE IT SO MUCH. It clogs up every other time I use it! One thing I know I will buy next time, is a new toilet.

Oh, and something else I hate .  . .

Are burnt waffles.

Yeah. Can’t you see the love?

So, since I don’t want to risk me getting extremely irritated by the stupid appliances, I look through the newspaper for a job I would do good at, and wouldn’t require me leaving home.

And then I spot an ad. Thank Plumbob!

I call for a cab and head straight to City Hall. This is my first time I ever got a job, unless you call chores a job.

Woah, this place is buh-big!

And I come out with a new job. I also learned that this is a self-employed job, and the only thing I had to do is paint and sell. But I get paid extra. I couldn’t believe it was that easy to land a job.

I set up the easel that I was given (which was free because it came with the job). I dab the brush into the paint and let my mind wander. Lets see what should I paint. . .


~ by Dana on July 1, 2010.

8 Responses to “Ch.3 What to Paint”

  1. Yay! Roxy has a job! Now she can more easily support her babies. I just love Noelle, by the way. She is the most adorable baby in the whole sim world, I think.

    • Lmao 😀
      You haven’t even seen her grow up, and you still think shes cute. One tricky thing about adopting is that you dont really know if the kid you adopted would be cute 😛

      • I get biased with sims at the infant stage. I suppose I think the name is so cute, she just has to be? Lol.
        I still love her. Adopting is kind of fun.

  2. I am glad she had luck with her job and will be earning extra money. She is a spunky character.

  3. ah, this is so good! I like the idea of adopting the children for a legacy. And Noelle is a pretty name… i hope she grows up well! and by well i mean absolutely adorable! ❤

    • Oh, I played ahead (And maybe Ch.4 may be out tomarrow) and I saw how Noelle grew up. And im not gonna tell you if she cute or not! heh heh. . ur going to have to wait for the next Chapter 😀

  4. She’s doing a great job ❤

    Love this!

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