Ch.1 New Start

As the beat-up taxi drove me to my new home, I thought about how much I won’t miss my parents, and how much I hate them, too. First of all, my parents kicked me out. No warning, no hint, no nothing! They just gave me this random address, gave me a small bag filled with most of my clothing, and told me to leave, and to never call them again. At first, I was generally shocked, then realized that they didn’t love me anymore, and I have the same feelings towards them.

I rubbed my arm. There was my first tatoo I ever got. Ever since my first one, I got addicted to tattoos. So I got more and more, one giant one on across my back, and one on my belly button. They were reminders of my past. I got one more every time I did something wrong. Soon there will be one more added.

I looked at the little crumpled paper filled with my mom’s small scribbled handwriting. This is the right house. But not the right house for me. It is small, white and plain. No plants, no trees. I fiddled with my feet. I should get in there sooner or later, I thought, no turning back now.

Something caught my eyes as I walked into my new “home”. It was a table, and on that table, was a note.

Why would I get a note? And who would send me a note? I thought. None of my friends knew about this, only my parents.

I picked up the little piece of paper, and read the familiar handwriting;

Dear Roxanne,

We know this is hard on you. It wasn’t our choice, we had to do this. You will soon understand why. We are sorry for this to be so sudden on you especially since you just got out of High School. Honey, we want you to be safe and happy, and we know you won’t forgive us in a long time. Go into the backyard, it isn’t much for you to forgive us for what we have done, but it isn’t that bad. This all we can say to you, and this is all you will hear from us. And honey, we know it’s not the time for you to do us favors, but please carry on the family generations, you don’t have the baby yourself. We would never let you do that, but instead adopt, chose an heir and she/he will carry it on till the very end.

We love you

Mom & Dad

I read the note over and over. I couldn’t believe it. So many emotions came threw me, confused, angry, adored. But what questioned me the most would was what would be in the backyard. That was what I will find out.

Oh My Plumbob

They got me all I ever wanted. The stuff I asked Santa Claus for. The stuff I wanted for my birthday. Three things that were my help in life. My parents knew I wanted these things ever since I was 5, my parents cared about what I wanted, and they even remembered.

After bringing in my unexpected presents, I scrambled into my room. Changing into my only pair of PJs. I tried shoving all the thoughts and flashbacks of today out of my head, but they just keep coming back, no matter how  hard I tried.

I will make my parents proud, I thought, right before I fell deep asleep in my new home.

I woke up early and barely made it  to the fridge. The only things I had was orange juice and surprise suprise, baby formula. I settled for orange juice, baby formula isn’t my favorite.

The juice actually satisfied my hunger, but it didn’t satisfy the irritating thought of how I could adopt a child, when I have no money.

I went outside to trash my juice box. Looking around me, I sighed. Looking at those mansions that reside on both sides of my home, made be envy them. They have giant, big, and perfect houses. Something I don’t have. something I would never get, especially since I need to adopt a child.

Going inside again, made me more mad than ever. But that’s when I noticed a slip of green paper stick out under my note, my last note from my parents. I pulled the paper out gently as I can,  hands shaking with excitement.

I let out a howl of joy and do a small happy dance. It was money, pure money. 500$ to be exact. Now I will show my parents that they are lucky that I am their daughter!

My smile was still plastered on my face as I dialed the Adoptation Service. Then my smile faded when new thoughts entered my head. What if a baby costs more than that? What if you aren’t allowed to adopt kids untill you’re at least 20?

I’m only 18, this will be a big job in my life. But I promised my parents, I will handle this.

I put on a confident smile as the lady on the phone greeted me.

“Hello,  Thank you for calling the Adoptation Service. How may I help you today?”

The lady seemed so calm and cheery, I was glad such a nice lady worked there.

“I would like to adopt a baby girl.”

“That would be wonderful! Name and Address, and we will send her right away!”

“Wait, how much will it cost?”


The lady on the other line exclaimed. She seemed so shocked, I almost felt guilty about asking that.

“It’s free! Things like this are supposed to be free, it’s an awful thing to put price on children!”

Free. Free. FREE! If I was looking at my face, it would’ve been funny to see.

“That’s awesome! Thank you so much! My name is Roxy Chance and I live at 15, Summer Hill Court.”

“Thank you, and have a very nice day, Roxy.”

I had a weird feeling I would soon be hearing her voice again.

After that call, I found and dirty crib near the house, I cleaned it up making it look brand new. I was elated, soon I will have my very own daughter and I will be one step closer to making my parents proud like h*ll.

After a few hours of patiently waiting, an old man in an ugly striped shirt with a basket came in and handed it to me, he smiled and told me her name, Noelle.

Soon after, he quickly rushed out.

I picked up Noelle out of the basket. She was so small, and so fragile. I couldn’t help but smile at her, she looked nothing like me, which made me like her even more. I couldn’t understand why anyone would  give up this little angel.

“Hey there Noelle. Welcome to the family! Just call me Momma.”

Okay guys that was the first chapter for yah! Tell me what you think! And keep checking in for the next chapter. . . or you can subscribe your email for updates when I post new things =) Your choice!






~ by Dana on June 18, 2010.

11 Responses to “Ch.1 New Start”

  1. The new baby is very sweet. The foundress does seem awfully young but I think she will be a great mother.

  2. I call I’m stealing this idea!!!!!!! I loved it, Noelle such a beautiful name, can’t wait for more!!!!!

  3. I love it! Im not sure if you will remember me…Its been so long since I have been on WordPress…Now I am going to try go back and read all your writing that I missed!

    • Of coarse I remember you! Thank you =D
      It’s been so long since I heard from you, how is story writing going for you?
      Remember I Am Feuer? Well, Second Season might come out next month if I finish creating the town, and finish creating the sims! I can’t wait!
      Anyways, nice to see you coming back on 😀

      • I write more now for fun as I still don’t get any feedback for my work but I seem to have more ideas than I have time to write! I have been missing I Am Feuer so much! I have gone back and re-read it a few times! Cant wait too! I better go finish writing the final to my latest story…it wasn’t very successful but I was fun writing! 😀

  4. Wow… I am so jealous of this idea… Roxy is the most gorgeous sim I have ever seen… no kidding 🙂 So… could you check out mine?

  5. I just started reading and im hooked =) really interesting

  6. This is amazing! 😀

  7. Love this! ❤

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